I run my first half marathon in Denton this weekend and it’s going to be hot, humid, and miserable but I’m so damn excited.

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From LIFE, 1947


there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album

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K Records’ photographs of Modest Mouse during the 1997 release The Fruit That Ate Itself. 

a page from MEGAHEX. in stores soon. big, thick hardback adventure omnibus. 

"If you have something to protect, then take up the sword."

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publiccollectors: Gaylord Phoenix #6 by Edie Fake. Printed at Spudnik Press in Chicago, 2012.
  • Me: Dad, I would like an iced tall soy chai tea latte.
  • Dad, to Starbucks employee: Yeah, could I get one iced tall soy tai chi latte?
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