I know too many people who are getting so frazzled and burnt out on school and work and friends and life and stress, you can see their eyes get so dull and sullen. 

Matt hasn’t been getting much deep sleep and when he needs to be awake and alert he is distant and nodding off. He only eats once a day and gets so worked up about his work and life like he does. 

Please, y’all, take some time to enjoy yourselves. Take some time to get a few good deep breaths in you. Eat something healthy. Drink some water. Put away your homework and take a nap. Your life will not crash and burn if you don’t do so well on that test. You will crash and burn if you form bad habits and run on high constantly. Pace yourself. Reach out to some friends and have a movie night or a study sesh. 

You’re going to be ok and taking care of yourself is the first step. 

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my Halloween costume: a slimy mud monster that can’t move its mouth
I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame shit that they do. (via hefuckin)

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Mary L. Macomber, Night and her Daughter Sleep (detail)
Zeke used to scream whenever he saw me, it was terrifying but he sure did love me.


Vorágine (Vortex), Rodrigo Dada. 
I reflect on absurd situations between people and objects in everyday life. the struggle to reach a balance and find meaning.” 


if you actually know me in real life:

-do not speak of what i post on tumblr

-dont ask me about it [unless we’re on that level]

-i post whatever i want so you dont like it: unfollow me

-we all know you spend half your time looking a tumblr porn so don’t fucking judge me 

^^this right here is why I love you regs
Thanks for takin the shock seeing my tumblr for the first time so well~

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